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In 2024, the inaugural Cultural EngagementVideo Competition launches at APP2024, with the 2024 theme being Prescribing Health, Welcoming Diversity 

We invite ALL community pharmacies to submit a video (1-2 mins) for the first ever Cultural Engagementvideo competition. 

The video competition is an opportunity to showcase and emphasise the role of community pharmacies in promoting health and wellness while welcoming and celebrating the diversity of cultures in their own community. 

The Cultural Engagement Video Competition offers entrants the opportunity to reflect on and share, through a unique lens, the opportunities to connect with and contribute to the community through community pharmacy. 

We want you to share your meaningful stories on how your pharmacy provides a culturally safe environment and is engaged with and responsive to the needs of culturally diverse populations in their local community, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, to ensure their health care needs are met

Tell us about your pharmacy and your local community!  

  • Are you passionate about providing a health care destination that is culturally safe? 

  • Does your pharmacy cater to a community with diverse cultures?  

  • Have you learnt about the different nationalities and groups who may reside in your local area and access health services? 

  • How have you come to understand any specific health needs of, and do you have any health resources specifically written for, your patients?  

  • Do you have signs, artwork or flags that represent and welcome the different nationalities and groups that reside in your local area and access your pharmacy? 

  • Do you take the time to become familiar with the pronunciation of names? 

  • Do you promote or have staff who participate in culturally significant events in the community (e.g. NAIDOC week, Diwali)? 

  • How have these practices been received by staff, patients and the community? 

  • What worked well? What didn’t work so well? 

  • What did you learn about your community? 

For more information on the video competition including T&Cs, and how to enter, visit:

'Cultural Engagement' Video Competition at APP2024

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