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The “I Love Rural Pharmacy” Video Competition is back for 2024, with this year’s theme of “Adapting to a Changing Landscape”.

We invite regional, rural, and remote pharmacists and their staff to submit a video (1-2 mins) for the “I Love Rural Pharmacy” video competition.

The dynamic area of health has been marked by constant change this decade, especially in regional, rural, and remote Australia. The 2024 video competition, with the “Adapting to a Changing Landscape” theme, is an opportunity to showcase how regional, rural, and remote community pharmacies continue to evolve, adapt, and grow to be responsive to the needs of their patients and their communities.

The I Love Rural Pharmacy Video Competition offers entrants the opportunity to reflect on and take a light-hearted look at the adaptation and innovation in the profession and celebrate and share your achievements.

We want you to share your funny or meaningful stories of how your pharmacy has adapted and evolved as a result.

Tell us about the changes you have seen in the health sector over the past year/s - advances in technology, changing demographics in communities, and shifting to meet patients' needs and expectations.

For more information on how to enter , please visit: 

'I Love Rural Pharmacy' Video Competition at APP2024

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